DFO Data

  • Internet Access – Enterprise class access with high upload speeds
  • Business phone service – Cost reductions through DFO Partner phone providers
  • Managed Ethernet – Allows customers to have 10/100 Ethernet connection between remote locations, far faster than T1 and more reliable than wireless
  • Dark fiber – allows for faster connection for point to point solutions, 10/100/1000+ speeds.

Fiber Optic Installations

  • Installation of underground fiber optic installations
  • Securing permits and municipal approval for projects
  • Budgetary numbers and project planning
  • Risk analysis of different installation methods

Micro-Fiber and Micro-Duct Installation and Overrides

  • Future-Path micro-duct allows for installation of up to 72 initial strands of fiber with future ability to install an additional six 72-strand cables.
  • Micro-Duct overrides allow installation in existing underground duct. Up to four individual micro-ducts can be installed depending on current available space.
  • Micro-Fiber provides smaller footprint fiber without sacrificing fiber counts.
  • Fiber Maintenance
  • Emergency service restoration – Emergency Restoration crew available 24x7 for damage restoration
  • Fiber installation and restoration done in-house by DFO employees
    • Best in Class system design
    • 50+ year usable lifespan
    • Fiber locate access integrated in the system design
    • Core Alignment fusion splicing utilized throughout
    • Machine terminated and fused connectors for maximum reliability and minimum loss
  • Underground installation for minimum risk due to ice and storms

Utility Locating

  • Identifies underground fiber when dispatched by J.U.L.I.E.
  • Participates in J.U.L.I.E. “Best Practices” damage prevention programs
  • Knowledgeable and familiar with Illinois law, steps and procedures to maximize protection and damage prevention

Project Management

  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Identification of best path based on cost, distance, and time-line requirements
  • Easement, permit and right of way acquisition
  • Experienced staff
  • Uncompromising quality and commitment to meet time lines and customer requirements

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