Past Projects

  • Implemented the first commercial non-carrier owned fiber optic network in DeKalb County. The first installment measured 3.5 miles long.
  • Encompassed Urban, Rural and State Highway rights as well as private easement by laying cable from the East side of DeKalb all the way to Downtown Sycamore.
  • Over 3.5 miles of cable was laid around the east side of Sycamore in only 45 days.
  • Provided dark fiber connectivity for the entire Sycamore School District – connecting the district buildings and the administration center.
  • Provided fiber optic run to DeKalb County Health Facility.
  • Expanded healthcare connectivity for multiple companies in the area.

Future Projects

  • Working on implementing a private high-speed “Muni-Net” for municipal connectivi­ty between multiple city networks.
  • Introducing a private high-speed “Health-Net” – a high-speed connectivity between health care providers.

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